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IMS 2022

Wireless Telecom Group | Booth 8019


At IMS 2022, Wireless Telecom Group will highlight Boonton, CommAgility, Noisecom, and Holzworth specialized solutions for RF, microwave, and 5G testing. 

Booth 8019 will feature the company’s latest innovative products as well as interactive demonstrations that showcase leading capabilities in RF and additive white Gaussian (AWGN) signal generation, RF power measurements, and phase noise analysis.

The company will also lead two technical sessions focused on cost-effective, high-performance test solutions and 5G’s vital role in private network design.


MicroApp Presentations:

Capabilities and solutions emphasized across all demonstrations include:


Booth Demo Guides:

Demo #1

Boonton SGX1000 Fast Switching RF Signal Generator


Demo #2

Noisecom UFX7000B Programmable AWGN Generator And Boonton RF Power Measurement Instrumentation

Demo #3

Holzworth Low Phase Noise Synthesizers And Real-Time Phase Noise Analyzers

Demo #4

Holzworth Multi-Channel RF Synthesizers And Boonton True-Average Connected RF Power Sensors


Products from Boonton enable a wide range of RF signal generation, power measurement, and signal analysis for RF product design, production, maintenance, and system integration.

The Boonton SGX1000 RF Signal Generator provides ultra-low phase noise and a lightning-fast frequency switching speed. Incorporating Real-time Power ProcessingTM  technology, Boonton true average and peak power sensors are ideal solutions for fast, accurate, and reliable RF power measurements.

RTP and CPS families of USB RF power sensors are compatible with the Boonton PMX40 RF Power Meter, which combines benchtop utility, touch screen simplicity, and USB sensor performance.



Robust and customizable hardware, software, and reference design solutions from CommAgility enable specialized 5G and LTE applications, including private networks, and satellite and air-to-ground (A2G) communications.

For 5G private network applications, CommAgility is the go-to partner for customization and modification at all network levels to address specific customer needs, and to adapt to requirements outside the 3GPP specifications.

Learn more in our 5G New Radio Capabilities Guide.


Holzworth Instrumentation is a leader in high-performance phase noise analyzers and signal generators for test and measurement solutions in government, commercial, and academic environments. 

The broadband HSY Series RF Synthesizer offers industry-leading phase noise performance coupled with the highest channel density available in its class. Holzworth Real-time phase noise analyzers provide fast measurements, proven accuracy, high reliability, ease of automation, and ultimate configuration flexibility. Their incredible performance extends to 50 GHz for 5G and radar applications with the HA7063A Downconverter.

An ideal option for use as phase coherent local oscillators is quantum computing applications, the HS9000 Series multi-channel platform achieves optimal channel-to-channel stability and phase coherency.



Noisecom is a leader of RF and microwave noise sources for signal jamming and impairment, reference level comparison and calibration, receiver robustness testing, and jitter injection. 

As noise floors rise due to an influx of wireless devices, the Noisecom UFX7000B can measure system robustness and quantify its response to interference through precision carrier and noise manipulation. It has a powerful single board computer with a flexible architecture that creates complex custom noise signals through control over multiple attenuators, switches, and filter banks. 

AWGN generation ensures the performance designed in the lab is realized in the field.