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Wamicon 2022


5G time division duplex (TDD) networks rely on rapid and precise uplink/downlink switching – a conduct that places significant demands on test instrumentation for true characterization, analysis, and validation. TDD is a vital technology for 5G networks, enabling spectrum usage efficiencies and the dynamic allocation of resources for traffic asymmetry. Test and measurement (T&M) solutions, therefore, must be able to capture 5G TDD network performance, a task that compounds in difficulty for high frequency mmWave applications with switching time intervals compressed to further extremes. This presentation examines the capabilities that are essential for today’s test instruments to gain an accurate understanding of the advanced, high-speed, and exceedingly precise performance of 5G TDD networks. 

The presentation first delves into switching speed requirements for 5G TDD networks. The value of precise timing measurements is underscored by breaking down a single 5G TDD frame into its subcomponents (subframes, slots, and symbols) and correlating the effects of wider subcarrier spacing and shorter slot length at higher mmWave frequencies.  


Satellite Solutions:
Amplifier Noise Tolerance & 5G TDD Network Timing
Demonstration Overview


Satellite Solutions
Demo 1: Amplifier Noise Tolerance


Satellite Solutions
Demo 2: 5G TDD Network Timing

Capabilities and solutions emphasized across both demonstrations include:



Noisecom has a depth of experience unmatched in the industry and works closely with technical end users to find the right product for their application with both off the shelf and customized solutions. This experience and close links to customers and markets has led to the development of noise generators and broadband noise modules specifically designed for the RF signal paths in satellite applications up to 110 GHz.

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Demonstration Overview
Product Demo
The demonstration sends data over a simulated satellite network utilizing products from Boonton, CommAgility, Holzworth, Microlab, and Noisecom.


Part 1:
Signal Generation
Part 1 of the test set-up begins with the user equipment (UE) connecting to the eNodeB to transmit data over a simulated satellite network.


Part 2:
Signal Transport and Impairment
Part 2 of the test set-up utilizes a variety of Microlab products to combine, condition, and distribute the two signal paths generated in Part 1.


Part 3:
Signal Monitoring and Analysis
Part 3 of the test set-up receives, monitors, and analyzes the transmitted signals that were sent through the simulated satellite network.